A dream environment

I did my very first Iceland visit on 25th of October. Just in a second when I saw Iceland from the airplane, my heart was stolen. Iceland had been for a long time on my bucket list.  A dream environment where to photograph. Even how many pictures you would look from Instagram or Pinterest, it’s still a place out of this word. How many pictures had I search on Black Sand beach and still I whispered ”wow” when I saw it. How beautiful Earth can be.

Andrew had found me from Facebook and had sent me a message. He and Esther where living in Iceland but had already got married in Las Vegas. They didn’t have a photographer on their wedding day and they hadn’t had anyone taken their wedding portraits. It really had been a quick wedding in Las Vegas! I was more then honoured to take their wedding portraits. Esther hadn’t had a wedding dress so we figured out that a red dress would look beautiful at the Black Sand beach. Luckily the waves weren’t that huge so we could safely have the portraits taken.

“Our experience with Lisa was wonderful! Very easy to communicate and get along with. She did an excellent job at making us feel comfortable, and she was funny aswell! I cried when I received the photos, they were well beyond what I could have hoped for. She has an excellent eye and edited them beautifully aswell! We feel so lucky we had the opportunity to work with Lisa and would do it again in a heartbeat!“

– Esther Aradottir & Andrew Smith