Jenny and Johan had never wanted a traditional wedding. Both are nature-lovers and hikers, knowing that eloping would be their choice of getting married. They wanted to choose on having a day for them since getting married meant for Jenny and Johan about committing to each other for the rest of their lives. Johan had visited Finland before and knew that the country would offer something unique for their day: forest and lakes witch the couple loved a lot.

​With outdoor elopements there can never be for sure the best weather. When we were driving to the location it was heavily raining. We waited for a while in the car and luckily the rain had stopped. Jenny and Johan decided to go for it and elope even if the rain would tried to continue. As we started hiking, Finland was showing its end of a summer nature as it’s best. We weren’t in a rush at all, so we stopped on looking at the nature and of course having deer fly flying into our clothes and hair! You just need to remove them from you since they can suddenly lay eggs on you.

Jenny and Johan’s risk paid of since there were only dark clouds and later on the sun came out. I had found the spot on googling different paths and they had wished that there could be seen forest and water on their elopement location. And it was just them on the ceremony. A moment witch they could just have for them and for no one else.

​I think that one of the reasons many couples want to elope outdoors is not just because amazing and breathtaking views but to also having a connection to the nature. For many people nature is really important.

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