Finally Varsha and Akshay’s wedding day had arrived. Varsha kept smiling a lot on her wedding day morning and told me she wasn’t nervous at all. I admitted to her that I would be and mostly because there was going to be around 500 wedding guests!

The wedding itself was held at the Radisson hotel. While Varsha was hiding in her hotel room, it was time to welcome the groom to the wedding. Akshay arrived to the hotel on a horse cart while his family and many of the guests came dancing with it (Baaraat). Varsha’s mother welcomed Akshay at the main gate and gave a glass of milk as a part of the welcome. Everybody then entered the main hall and Akshay sat for another pooja while waiting for Varsha’s arrival. And then there she was. Slowly Varsha arrived to the hall, walking under a decorated flower sheet held by her brothers walking besides her. And that was when Varsha and Akshay saw each other first time that day (Although he did gave her a secret surprise visit at the salon before she started getting ready).
It was a beautiful moment to photograph. Just them two seeing each other even when the room was full of hundreds of wedding guests. The wedding ceremony (Pheraas) was held near the swimming pool under the night full of stars. The Pheraas holds many small things such as:- Akshay ties a black bead necklace (’mangalstura’) around her and puts a red powder (’sindoor’) on her forehead, both of which signifies marriage in India. The groom’s sister or bride’s brother tie a knot between the bride and groom shawls and they walk seven rounds around bonfire, each round specifying a promise they make to each other.
Finally they where married.
After that there was only ’vidaai’ left which means Varsha saying goodbye to her family. It’s a moment where the brides father hands his daughter to the groom and to the new family. This one done just before 7 am when the sun was getting up. The close family men pushes the car and sends of the newlyweds.
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