This day hold many different ceremonies by now getting closer to the wedding day.

We started the day with Haldi/tel-baan ceremony. Ladies of the family did some prayer and the ladies put on the bride some haldi (turmeric), milk, etc. This was done one by one by the bride’s aunt. In the older days when there wasn’t any beauty salons, people used natural items for the same. And it became a part of the wedding ceremonies. Then the bride takes a bath and gets some kajal in her eyes which adds to the beauty and protects from the bad eye followed by some pooja.

In the afternoon the mother of the bride and her family welcomed the maternal side guests for the wedding in a separate ceremony (Bhaat ceremony). This was followed by the chaak ceremony, where the ladies go to a potter’s house and do pooja with clay items.

The days ended with dance, mehendi and dinner in the Sangeet ceremony. The brides henna will be done. Henna is a decoration to the hands and the red colour symbolises marriage. It’s said that the darker your henna gets, the more your partner loves you. Other women also got their henna done besides the bride. The night was full of dancing with the guests.

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