On the following day of taking pictures of the couple, Erkki and I moved from New Delhi to Gurugram where the wedding would be held. Gurugram is about 50 minutes drive from New Delhi. Our work got easier since we would stay in the same hotel with the brides family and many of the ceremonies where held at the same place.

We started out with a Lagan ceremony. Only the closest of the brides family (25-30 people) attends to it. This is where an official invitation of the wedding (lagan) from the bride’s family is written and taken to the groom’s family and they accept and give a return invitation also. All if this starts with a pooja (prayer) in the presence of a priest and the bride, Varsha. After which Varsha’s closest family members visit the groom’s place for another pooja there with the groom. The bride is not allowed to attend that. Few gifts are also exchanged during this.




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