Last October I was working in Iceland. I had just woken up and checked my mobile phone (I know a bad habit haha).  There was one message from my friend witch caught my eye: ”Can you photograph a wedding in India? Please reply fast.”

I rubbed my eyes. There it still was. Photograph a wedding in India. I drank my morning coffee in silence and told my fiancee about the message.  ”Well, isn’t that something you have always wanted?”

And that’s how I found myself traveling from Finland to India to photograph a wedding from the brides side.

I booked a straight flight to Delhi. My videographer Erkki had flew to India before me and was waiting there. I traveled threw the night and honestly slept perhaps four hours. The bride’s, Varsha, soon to be husband Akshay picked us from the airport. After quick breakfast we head it to pick up Varsha and continued our journey to take portraits of the couple.

I had visited India once before, couple years ago I attend my close friends wedding in Kolkata. So I knew something of the India culture but the country never stops amazing me. India is such a big country with all different culture ways, different languages.

My mouth dropped open when the car was stopped and we where let known that this is the spot where we will take the photos. I felt on being part of Indiana Jones movie.

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