Coffee and korvapuusteja!

Edward and I met in Tinder. After two weeks of texting and after one Skype call, we met in person in Helsinki. We had a lovely date by the sea (coffee and korvapuusteja!) and what was supposed to be a one evening date turned out to be a three-day long date! Immediately, I realized that Edward is the kindest person I’ve ever met, plus also funny and very handsome. He also has same kind of quietness in him that I have.

I think I had a crush on him from our first texts. He liked the same things as I do and he seemed to be very open minded. We value the same kinds of principles in life. My heart melted when I heard how fondly, and in such a loving way, he talked about his family. He told me that his family is Skyping every week to catch up on what has been going on with their lives (at the time he lived in Helsinki and his family in the US). My family has always been important for me, so hearing that the other person loves their family too made me feel very happy. I knew he was special!

– Sari the bride

”Even though it was just our first date, I thought about Sari then the same way that I do now. She is a kind, compassionate person that has a special gift for caring for others. We were preparing dinner together one evening. She placed her feet on mine and we danced around the room together. It was so natural. I was able to see her sense of humor, and I could tell that she was relaxed and enjoying the evening as much as I. That’s when I realised I had a crush on her.

She is an incredibly good-hearted person that I could trust with anything. As a nurse, her natural abilities with children and the elderly or sick are incredibly impressive to me, and I am in awe of her strength and compassion.”

– Edward the groom

”I wish that we can continue our adventures together as long as we live. We already have had lots of big changes in our lives. After dating 1,5 years we decided to move to the US together and we got married less than three years after we met. I think we trust each other more than anyone else and that makes things easier for us. We are a family, and a team, and we work towards the same goals.”

– Sari the bride