Aki Kaurismäki’s movies

”Toni and I met first time in 2010 in the nightlife during Christmas. I was out with my friend and she kept talking to men that I didn’t know. The pub was full so that there wasn’t any seats so I wanted to move on. I was just moving on when one of the boys told me I could sit on the lap of the ”hammer.” I was amused and sat on the lap of a happy looking guy. I lost my into the moment. We got to know each other, specially talking about Aki Kaurismäki’s movies. I remember how excited I was of the chemistry we shared and I was impressed on his knowledge of movies. Back then I was studying movies in Stockholm, Sweden.

It took over six months from our first meeting that we contacted each other. He had been on my mind but I hadn’t reached out since I was living in different country. It seemed that Toni hadn’t got me out of his mind either. So he made the first romantic suggestion – he poked me on Facebook. We started on chatting threw nights and from those moments I knew I had a crush on him.”

– Laura the bride

”When I met Laura, I remember thinking about how can it be possible to find from a small place like Huittinen a woman who speaks hours and hours movies by Aki Kaurismäki. Talking with her was really comfortable. I remember that when our night ended the separation started to bother me. Since our first meeting I kept talking about it to my friends and thought about her. Even it took half a year I decided to make the move. We we’re on our way to a music festival and on the long car ride I started to talk about her again. I decided to poke her profile on Facebook. That’s how we starting chatting for hours and hours. Those where the times when I noticed I had a crush on her.

From the start  Laura and I have shared the same humour and we kept laughing for hours. We also share special connection for each other. She’s really thoughtful and a kind person. Laura is also the sound of common sense when I might easily get impulsive in getting into things.”

– Toni the groom

”Lisa forever captured our wedding day on fabulous images we did not even dream of! The wedding photographs we receive are just ’ours’ and apart from them, they distinguish Lisa’s crafty handicrafts. She has a delightful vision and she really listens to her client’s wishes. Working with Lisa was uncomplicated and effortless from the beginning. She is not only a hard-working professional but also a very wonderful person who is described as being natural and comfortable. You really can try to search for another luminous person, and I can not warmly recommend her to anyone planning for wedding or other descriptions”

– Laura

Wedding dress: Morsiusgalleria
Brides hair: Kampaamo Aava
Makeup: Sarianna Sormunen
Grooms suit: Eklund
Church: Cathedral of Turku
Venue: Manilla