I love adventures,
stories and photography

As long as I remember, my father always carried his camera with him everywhere. I still hear the sound that comes from rewinding the film when the camera film was shot. However, my interest in photography did not awaken until the dawn of adulthood. I got my first camera when I was accepted to do one year photography studies in Lahti towns folk high school in 2011. After that I have been practising photography skills by myself.

My own story begins in England. I was born in Manchester and I have mostly grown in Finland. I have lived across Finland, even short while in London, but as my home I can call Turku. I run my household with my fiancé and as a crazy cat lady I do have two little lions; Pissis and Siiri. I love coffee with milk, adventures and walking barefoot. If I had to describe myself with one sentence it would be:

“I’m a storyteller, whose heart beats for adventures.” And what adventures I have experienced while traveling only with my backpack. One of the most memorable trip has been India where I visited local slums and danced barefoot with the locals on the street while drums playing in the background.

I love documentary photography the most, especially weddings. As a photographer I try to make sure that from your wedding day remains the most important moments, regardless of place, weather and light. In photographing I usually use natural light witch is always beautiful and varied.

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The Finnish wedding company of the year 2017 competition winner in category photography and video. Wedisson awards and Wedding photographers society has awarded my wedding photos. June bug weddings has listed me as one of the most talented women phoyographers.

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