An internationally
adventurous storyteller

When I was a little, my father used to carry his old film camera everywhere. I can still remember the sound that came from the camera when all the film was used. My own interest for photography came when I was a teenager and I got my first digital camera when I was accepted to one year studies of photography. After that I have mostly been self-taught.

My own story begins from England. I was born in Manchester but I have mostly grown in Finland. Having lived around Finland I found Turku to be my home, where I am now based in. I’m a crazy cat lady, who lives with her two little lions, oh and a fiancee’ too of course. If I had to descripe myself with one sentence it would be: “I’m a storyteller who’s heart beats for adventures.” If only words could express how much my heart beats for the thrill, trips to the far-away lands, seeing the world in different lights, dancing bare feet with the locals, etc.

I love documentary photography, especially weddings. Out of all the romantic things happening in the world, I still find a wedding the utmost symbolic event, full of beautiful moments to be captured and saved no matter the location, weather or lighting. Having said that, as a professional photographer and studio owner, I still have a special place in my heart for natural lighting simply because of its momentary and ever-changing characteristics.

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Winner of wedding business 2017 in photography and video category. Wedisson awards ja Wedding photographers society has awarded my wedding photos. Junebug weddings listed me as one of the talented female photographers that uses Nikon.

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