The story of McWhirter photography

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When I was just a child, I never thought of option on being an entrepreneur. Or even work in such creative job. One of my earliest memories of what I wanted to be as an adult was to become a policewoman. But that was quickly crushed since I’m a short person.

My hobby turned to my passion. My passion turned into my career.

I found my interest towards photography when I was around 18 years old. Before that I had done my studies and I wanted to work on child welfare. But that didn’t happen ever. I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who got their study place for the field. I had to start thinking what else to do with my life. I had started photographing as a hobby and without having clear future plans, I started on searching how could I study photography. The only place I got to go for an interview was to do one year photography studies in folk high school. I still haven’t a clue what my teacher saw in my photos back then, but I am forever grateful for her on accepting me to do the studies. My hobby turned to my passion. My passion turned into my career.

Starting my studies

After one year photography studies, I moved into much smaller town called Kokkola. There I started my studies as an media-assistant on producing videos and organise them. Even I studied something else I didn’t stop photographing. I kept photographing and had my first clients as a freelancer. Before making Turku my home I lived short while working in London as a personal assistant and photographer.

I graduated in 2014 from my studies. And there it was. Emptiness on what to do after my studies. During my photography gigs I tried to find permitted job. Well, you might guess that permitted job as photographer isn’t that easy to find. One day I was reaching courses from the job services and found out there would begin a three months course on entrepreneurship. The word didn’t disappear from my mind. From my school I had already been in a small course of entrepreneurship but the speaker hadn’t bring out any good choices on being an entrepreneur. Only the bad things. And still I found myself sitting in a three months course learning how it all works.

And quite soon, McWhirter photography was official. From three years of working as a freelancer I became a full time entrepreneur. Many people have said I just showed up from nowhere. I didn’t. Everyone running a business knows how much work it needs to make things happen. And to make a living out of it. Has there been bad days? Yes, there has been. Everyone has ones. But the key is to keep on and do it. This year I have been photographing seven years and my company will be three years. I wouldn’t change it to anything.

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