Wedding portraits

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Only few of us are natural in front of the camera or knows straight away showing their best sides. You learn to be in front of the camera by being in front of the camera. When I started out as a wedding photographer, I realised that if I wouldn’t be comfortable in front of the camera, how could I get my couples being comfortable? I started photographing myself. I used my tripod and photographed myself months. Time by time I stopped noticing the sides of my looks that I hadn’t liked. I found sides of me that I liked. I admit that when I started on doing it, it was really awkward. And I many times thought why am I doing this.

When I knew the feeling of being in front of the camera I learned how to relax my couples.

I make two appointments with my wedding couples before the big day -depending of course the distance. The first meeting is being held in the local coffee store where we talk about the wedding day’s timetable and expectations for photography. On the second meeting we’re scouting together the wedding portraits locations and visiting the wedding venue. Also on the meeting I tell about how I work during the day.

And how about on the wedding day? The day is full of emotions: excitement, laugh an wait. During the wedding portraits I guide my couples the same way:

– Remember to keep you shoulders down. When being nervous your shoulders go up and it can be seen on the photos

– You’re not alone in front of the camera. The man or woman of your life is next to you.

– No this isn’t class photos.

– When you hold or hug each other you can give each other a little squeeze each other.

There are many ways to get relaxed in front of the camera. There are breathing exercises and shaking your body to come more relaxed. One of my favourites is running. Yes, you read it: running. After even having a short p.e. you receive a good feeling from what you have done. Also the stress level goes down after running shortly with your loved one. Talking threw the portrait session and having short breaks helps my couples to get more relaxed.

First of all: trust your photographers vision and profession. Every professional photographer know how to relax their wedding couples and ease your tension towards to camera.

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